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HEFT FAM 265 Collection

wolle4you Novodomsky`s Handarbeiten
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Cosmic Horizon:

This colour palette makes you believe that a flower is stronger than a frost. Colours that will lift you above and beyond the cosmic horizon. Designs which are made of rich, bright, sometimes soft and different shades of pink. Variations from soft-running, stunning degrades, warm cherry red and burgundy to different tones of soft pink, all to warm your heart. Colours that turn into moods that will lift you like there is no more gravity. You have never seen so much beauty all at once. It won’t take long before Spring arrives. But just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, you can turn yourself into a true fashion icon this winter.

Golden Frost:

In autumn when golden leaves start to fall, and winter is awaiting… The frost will leave a track of wonders on the golden path. A mixture of grey, off-white, different tones of fascinating browns and warm soothing yellow to make you feel comfortable while wandering through the forest. Warm, long pullovers with slightly smooth textures or sweaters with a playful structure. Items that are knitted with small sequins or with a distinguished lace pattern. It’s all in the details. Sometimes you don’t need much to create a statement.

Northern Lights:

Dark blue night skies full of stars and a green shimmering light, that steadily dances around you and the stars, while a cold wind blows at the Arctic Circle. Light and soft materials are mixed to create a strong and independent look for both women and men. Colour blends of different green, blue and some extra beautiful brown tones that remind you of strong tree roots covered with snow. Ready for every snowstorm that will come. Warm, oversized designed knitwear made with yarn that has a matt, but never dull or an outstanding glistening effect. Sometimes, even more, exciting patterns have been mixed together to create something extraordinary.